A metal detector is not a good idea for a fence

Posted March 10, 2018 06:02:08A metal detector that can identify people by their tattoos, hair styles and clothing is not the best way to keep track of potential criminals, according to an Ontario court judge.

John O’Brien said the detectors used by the police, including the one used by Ontario Provincial Police, are not suitable for protecting fences.

“It’s not going to catch you if you walk into a barbed-wire fence,” he told the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

“I would not recommend them as a deterrent.”

O’Brien, the judge in the case of two men who were arrested for stealing a pair of barbed wires in April, said the devices should be used to find a person when they are trying to steal something.

The defendants are charged with mischief and possession of a stolen property.

One of the defendants, a 21-year-old male, has a tattoo on his neck that he claims was stolen in Ontario.

The court heard that on the day of the incident, the defendants were riding their bikes down a highway in Mississauga when they were stopped by police.

“You’re on the wrong side of a fence, so they can’t see your tattoos, your hairstyle, your clothes,” O’Connor told the court.

“They can’t tell you anything.

You’ve got a metal detector.”‘

You can’t catch me if I walk into an electrical pole’The defendants were arrested on May 18.

They pleaded guilty to mischief and are serving six months in jail each.

They had their tattoos removed and were wearing the same clothes they had been wearing at the time of the theft.

They are also charged with possession of stolen property, which includes a metal fence that was damaged in the incident.

“The fact that you’re able to identify someone by their hair and clothing does not mean that you are able to find them if you go into an electric pole,” O`Connor told a sentencing hearing.

“If you walk across an electrical fence and you can’t detect the person because they are wearing a metal plate on their back or the same thing, I think it’s not the deterrent you should be using.”

Opinion: Tattoos are a way of identifying criminals source The Canadian Press (Canada), (full story)