‘Cowboy Wire’ on sale in India: Aussie manufacturer joins the fray

AUSTRALIA has the world’s first 12 gauge wire that can be made from cow dung and is being sold in the US.AUSTRALIAN manufacturer cowboys wires will now be available in the United States.

Cowboys wire is made from animal dung.

It is a renewable resource that can produce renewable electricity when used as a component of a home heating and cooling system.

Australian manufacturer Cowboys Wire has joined the ranks of some other manufacturers that have joined in to make dung wire available in American markets.

Cowboy wire was developed by Cowboys Electronics and used to heat and cool a variety of products from a variety that included the televisions, computer monitors and electronic toys.

The company is now selling its product to US consumers.

Cowies Wire uses dung from cows in a process called dung flotation.

Cowbies is a small company that operates in the Australian capital of Canberra.

Cowboys is based in Brisbane and has manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

It has a total workforce of about 30 people, with around 15 of those employees employed in Australia.

The product is manufactured in Perth, Victoria, and the company has four plant locations across Australia.

It has been sold in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.