Dayton wire wheels,daytons,truck wires

DALLAS (CNN) Dayton wire motors are coming.

The electric motor company announced Wednesday that it is acquiring Dayton Wire, a maker of electric truck wire and other types of wire equipment.

The Dayton Wire deal was announced at the 2017 Motor Show in Indianapolis.

The company is also building its own wire collection system.

“We’ve seen a huge opportunity for Dayton Wire to help our customers in the truck wire industry,” Dayton Wire CEO Ryan Kress told CNN in a statement.

The company will use Dayton Wire’s expertise to build new wire systems that will be able to handle more load.

Dayton Wire also said it will build new lines to supply other companies, such as Tesla.

The news comes just a month after the company signed a $100 million agreement with Ford Motor Co. to build an electric truck network in the U.S. The deal includes plans to install Tesla-like charging stations and a network of high-speed fiber-optic lines.

“Today, we are very excited to welcome Dayton Wire as a member of our fleet,” Ford CEO Mark Fields said in a press release.

“We believe Dayton Wire will play an important role in the continued evolution of electric vehicle mobility.”

The news of the Dayton Wire acquisition comes a week after Dayton Wire announced a $5.3 million deal to buy the UMW Automotive Group.

The new purchase will include a $50 million purchase of the UAW’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Chicago.

“It’s a very exciting time for us, the Dayton Group, and the UWW,” Fields said at the time.

“This is a natural evolution of the group, and I look forward to working with Dayton Wire in creating a strong future for our electric vehicles and for our employees and our customers.”

In addition to Dayton Wire and Ford, the other companies that will receive Dayton Wire equipment include GM, Honda Motor Co., GME, Honda of America and General Motors.

The acquisition comes on the heels of a recent announcement by the UWA that it would close its plant in New Jersey and relocate its operations to the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.

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