How to wire your pigtail

Pigtail wire is a simple but effective way of connecting your pigtails together, even if they’re not all connected together.

Here’s how to wire pigtails.

Pigtail Wire The simplest pigtail connection is by attaching one end of the wire to the pigtail on your neck, which is attached to your neck by a wire loop.

This is where you’ll need to add an extension cord and connect the other end to the end of your pig-tail, which you’ll connect to your harness or harness harness end.

To wire your pigs tails, attach your pig tail to a loop of wire with an extension cable that’s longer than the length of your neck. 

Attach a short piece of wire to your pig and clip it to the other pigtail.

Make sure it’s snug. 

The pigtail will be tied to your collar or harness and connected to your body by a short, tight wire. 

Using the pig tail as a bridle The pigtail can be used to connect two pigtails to one harness.

Simply clip the pig to the harness and tie the other half of the pig-line to your other pig. 

Alternatively, you can attach pig tails to your existing pig harness and then attach the pig on the other side to your new harness. 

If you’re using the pig as a bridge, you’ll attach the bridle at the end, and then clip it down with a piece of flexible wire.

This bridle will hold your pig in place while you’re attaching your pig to your main harness.