What you need to know about the bear spray

What you should know about bear spray: The bear spray is used to kill or capture bears.

The company that makes it says it’s effective against both cubs and adults.

But it’s also known to cause serious injuries and death.

Here’s what you need the experts to know.


The bear Spray is a Dangerous Product There’s a reason why the company that markets the product is in the business of selling dangerous products.

The spray is a “toxic” substance, according to the company’s website, and it contains dangerous levels of lead, mercury and other toxic substances.

The manufacturer claims that the spray’s effectiveness is due to its ability to kill both cub and adults, as well as other predators.

That’s why you should always have a “breathable” mask on and always wear a breathing mask.

The brand’s website states: The most effective way to reduce your risk of exposure to the product, and thereby protect yourself from its toxic effects, is to follow these basic guidelines: Keep your face covered with a breathable mask.

Don’t walk near bears or people.

Wear a breathing device when outdoors.

Wear long pants or a long shirt.

If you’re going to be outside, wear a long sleeve shirt or pants.


The Product is Designed to Kill Bears Bears are one of the most popular animals on Earth, and the company is making millions off of the product.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) states that bears are one “of the most threatened and endangered species in the world.”

So why would a company that manufactures a bear spray make a product that’s designed to kill bears?

The answer is complicated.

Bears are protected under the Endangered Species Act, which makes it illegal to kill them without a court order.

The product was designed to be “safe and effective” in killing bears, according a company statement, but the USFWS doesn’t recommend using the product in areas that are protected by the act.

Bear spray is also a dangerous product because it’s often combined with other toxic chemicals, such as lead and mercury, that can harm humans and wildlife.


The Bear Spray is Dangerous to the Environment The bears that bear spray kills are primarily found in the southeastern United States.

In fact, the majority of bears killed in bear spray are the ones in the eastern United States, according the USFSW.

This isn’t just because bears are more likely to be found in those areas.

According to the USGS, the US population of bears is at least 60 percent larger in areas where the spray is being used.

This is because bears have been known to travel long distances to hunt for food and mate.

In other words, bears in the US are getting older.

So why are bears dying from bear spray?

According to one study, more than 90 percent of the animals that died in bear spraying incidents occurred in states with hunting restrictions, such the state of Montana and Wyoming.

That study also found that bears were more likely than other mammals to die if they were trapped in cars and trucks and left to die in their trucks.


The Company Has Limited Information About Its Product The company’s webpage only lists one product, called the Bear Spray.

It states that the product “has a long history of use, and is still available in some countries.”

The website also doesn’t provide any information about what the company claims it’s used on bears.

Bear Spray’s website doesn’t specify which species the product kills.

The website states that it “has been approved for use on both adult and cubs.”

But it doesn’t give any information as to how many bears have died because of the spray.

In the US, there are no federal bear spray regulations.

The USFws website states the product can kill bears “within a 30-foot radius,” but doesn’t state how far.

According the US Forest Service, bear spray doesn’t cause serious harm to humans, but it does cause a number of other serious injuries.

The Forest Service is looking into the company.


The “Bear Spray” Product Has a History of Being Used in Places Where Bear Spray Is Not Required If the US Fish and Wilds doesn’t have bear spray, what’s to stop the company from using it in areas without bear spray restrictions?

The company doesn’t say.

The same USFWs website states bear spray can be used “in areas that require no bear spray for hunting.”

But the company doesn, as a matter of fact, say that it has used bear spray in “certain parts of Canada and Alaska,” which aren’t required to have bear sprays.

This has led to some confusion over the legality of the company using bear spray.

According a spokesperson for the US National Wildlife Federation, “This is an irresponsible company that has taken advantage of the public’s fear of bears and is selling a dangerous and potentially dangerous product.”


The Products Product Is Manufactured in China The company states on its

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