Which U.S. wire transfer company has the highest number of employees?

The United States Postal Service is the largest company in the world and has a workforce of nearly 8.5 million workers.

The USPS has over $8 trillion in assets and employs over 1.4 million employees worldwide.

In fact, the USPS has more than 50,000 employees who provide postal service services to more than 6.4 billion Americans each year.

The Postal Service was founded in 1867 and is responsible for delivering mail, postage, and other mail services to the nation’s people.

Postal Service employees include truck drivers, postal workers, postal inspectors, mail carriers, mail inspectors, delivery clerks, postal clerks, and many others.

In a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, nearly 80 percent of postal employees said they would prefer to be employed by a private company, which was the second highest percentage of employees, behind only the U.K. The survey also found that more than a quarter of postal workers would prefer a non-profit to provide mail service.

The survey found that about a third of postal personnel would prefer not to be an employee at all.

However, a majority of postal staffs said they were willing to work for a non profit and about one in five said they planned to work at a business or organization that provides mail service to the public.

The National Retail Foundation, a trade association for retail trade organizations, says the Postal Service has an average turnover rate of 6 percent per year, and the Postal Workers Union reports a turnover rate ranging from 6 percent to 12 percent per employee.

The Postal Service also maintains a robust network of community outreach programs and events, and it works closely with the U,S.

Conference of Mayors, U.N. Children’s Fund, and others to ensure its mail service is safe and effective.

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