Wire is now cheaper, but what is it worth?

Wire is becoming cheaper, and the cost of a standard wire is lower than it has ever been, but there are still some drawbacks.


It’s not as good as it used to be.

For example, if you are looking for a long-term home security product, you are likely to get the same quality as with copper wire.

That means that the cost per wire will probably be lower than with copper.


It doesn’t last forever.

As the cost goes down, you will need to buy more wires to keep up with the growing demand for security systems.


It isn’t as fast.

Wire is still expensive and it can take many years before it starts to perform better than copper.

You will need more expensive, faster wire to protect your home from intruders.


You’ll have to use an external power source.

If you use a light bulb to power your house, you can expect a loss of a few watts per month.

You can use a cordless phone or electric kettle as a source of power, but you’ll lose that extra 10 watts.


It won’t last as long.

If it lasts only one or two years, that is still a lot of time.

Wire should last at least 10 years.


It requires more money.

If a new wire needs to be bought every few years, you might want to consider a battery-powered home security system, or you might consider a more reliable home alarm system.

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