How to get your new NFL uniforms to your home team

NFL uniforms have become a hot item on Twitter these days, but you can get your team’s jerseys at your local Target or the store in your neighborhood without much effort.

Here are 10 easy tips for finding the perfect one at home.


Get them online.

There are several retailers that sell the NFL’s uniforms online, including

However, the company is known for being one of the few that do not offer refunds.


Shop around.

Find out what other fans of your team are looking for, and then shop around.

Look for a website that sells NFL gear.


Shop on the cheap.

Some fans will buy their jerseys from Target, Costco or other local retailers.

However it may not be worth it.

For example, you’ll be surprised how many times people go online and buy the cheapest NFL jersey they can find.


Make a list of what you want.

This may be the hardest part of the process.

Your team is likely going to have a different look than you.

Make your list of the most important details.

You can also create a list in the NFL Shop app.


Find a jersey with your team logo.

A team logo can make the jersey look more official than a generic jersey.

If the logo is a simple white dot, then you may not need to worry about it. 6.

Use a different jersey size.

There’s a certain way that the NFL logo looks on the jersey.

For some, the team logo is the biggest part of it, and for others, it may be just the right size.

If it’s a little more than you’d like, you can always go up a size or down a size.


Check your jersey for leaks.

Most of the time, the jerseys you buy online will not have the same level of wear as the ones that you buy in the store.

To find out what happens to your jersey once you put it through the paces, check it out in the video above.


Buy a new jersey for a different color.

It’s possible that the same one you get at Target or Costco will have a slightly different shade of green.

So it’s best to make a backup plan to keep your new jersey color.


Buy the right team’s jersey.

It might be cheaper to buy a new one than to buy the same jersey that the current one is in.

If you’re buying the cheapest one, it’s also possible that your current team’s logo might be slightly different from the one you’re looking at on your jersey.


Get your team ready to play.

If your team is going to play in a neutral environment, it helps to have the right equipment to wear.

The following gear might help you out: Headgear (a helmet, visor, ear protection, gloves, headband)

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