How to make the perfect wire wheels

Wire wheels are a wonderful way to add a new layer of polish to your project, especially if you are working on an outdoor patio. 

I love the way they look and the way I can use them to keep my hands and feet warm during the summer. 

Wire wheels can be purchased from craft stores like Home Depot or Wal-Mart.

They can also be made by hand at home. 

The tips below are a little trickier to do on your own, but will allow you to create a fun and functional product. 


Cut out the ends of the wire. 

Cut the ends off the wire wheels you want to use, and cut the ends in half. 

Make sure to cut the wire with a sharp knife or scissors. 


Cut the wires with scissors.

You can also cut the wires into lengths that match your needs. 


Cut your wire ends with a knife. 


Use a small saw to cut your wire wheels. 


Once you have cut out the wire, you can add the edges. 


Wrap the wires around the edges of the wheels you are going to use. 


Finally, put the wire on the outside of the project. 


Place the wire in the center of your project.


If you are using a larger size wire, place the wheel on the edge of the larger piece. 


Do this again, placing the larger wheel over the smaller piece.