‘The End of the Line’: The Last Days of the Grateful Dead

Deadheads and music critics alike will be watching the band’s final concert at the Capitol Theater on Friday night, the last leg of a seven-show, 12-city tour that began in Los Angeles in October.

The final Dead show at the famed venue will be the first since October 31, 1990, when the band and their longtime drummer, Mickey Hart, embarked on a one-night stand in the Capitol.

The band’s new tour, which will end in Nashville, has drawn criticism from the bands most loyal fans and critics alike, who claim the show is too short and not long enough.

“The end of the line is really, really close,” said Deadhead and music critic Jim Cramer.

“We’re very close to the end of it, but we’re just a few months away from it, so I don’t know how far it’s going to be.”

The band has faced criticism from its fans and some fans are not happy with the end result of the show.

“I don’t like the ending of the band, but that’s my problem with it,” said Tom Hanks, a Deadhead from Georgia.

“If I could get into a room with all the people that are here and tell them that they’re gonna die in two weeks, I think they would.

I think that’s what we need to do to be happy.”

But fans also are hoping that the show will be a positive for the band.

“It will be fun,” said Hanks.

“They’re not going to come in here and be like, ‘We’re going to die in this concert.’

We’re not gonna be a bunch of sad people.

We’re gonna have a good time.”

Deadhead Tom Higgs said he believes the Dead’s farewell will be “a good day for the music.”

“I’m not sure how long it’s gonna be,” he said.

“But I’m hoping it’s not that long.”

After three years of tours, Deadhead Rick Rizzo said he will miss the group.

“There’s no question it’s time to go,” Rizzi said.

After the band finished its last tour, Rizzio said he was “a little bummed,” but he hopes it will “be the last time.”

“The Grateful Dead is not just an entity, it’s a family,” Rizio said.

It will be interesting to see if the band will return to the road.

Deadhead Bob Gans said that, at this point, the band is “just happy to be alive.”

“We have this amazing fan base, a loyal fan base that has been waiting to see us play,” he added.

“You know, I don�t think anybody has ever said, ‘I want to play with the Grateful Girls,’ and I donít think I will.

It’s not a real thing, but I will play with them.”

Rizzie said he hopes the band has a great time with fans at the show, and that he and Hart will be happy to play.

“That’s what’s great about music, is that people come together, and the music’s a part of the atmosphere,” he told The New York Times.

“At the end, we don’t want to be disappointed,” said Hart. “

“And if you think we were going to do a one night stand, you were wrong. “

At the end, we don’t want to be disappointed,” said Hart.

“And if you think we were going to do a one night stand, you were wrong.

We did that, and it’s over.”

Deadheads who have watched the band for decades said that they think it is unlikely that Hart will leave the band before he retires.

“Maybe, but it’s hard to imagine that,” said Gans.

“For Hart, it is the end.

It is a bittersweet day, and he’s probably going to enjoy it.”

“It’s not an easy thing to be gone,” said Rizzia.

“He’s going on a great tour and he�s enjoying it, and I know he�ll do everything in his power to come back and continue doing it.”

DeadHead Steve Martin said that it was difficult to see the band continue touring.

“Hart is one of the great entertainers that has ever lived, and for him to be doing that is something to be proud of,” Martin said.

But the band�s fans are still rooting for the Dead.

“Hopefully, they�re not going down,” said Martin.

“Because I want to see it end.”