Which characters are the Wire characters?

A few years ago, we told you that the Wire had a secret code.

But now we know the code, and we can tell you which characters it is.

We have a new code.

The Wire is a television series that premiered on CBS in 1997 and ran for seven seasons.

It tells the story of an unlikely couple who have to survive the New York City police force, a team of cops who work together to keep the city safe.

We are going to go through every single character.

We’re going to find out who they are, where they come from, what their name is, and how they got to where they are.

We are going for a clean slate, but there are a lot of characters, a lot.

Here’s a rundown of the characters.1.

Officer David Farr2.

Sergeant Jack Crawford3.

Detective James Toney4.

Detective David Pfeifer5.

Detective Michael “Manny” Thompson6.

Detective Robert Ligon7.

Detective Walter “Walter” Ligon8.

Officer Robert “Bob” Thompson9.

Officer John “Doc” Landon10.

Detective Paul “Docy” De La Rosa11.

Detective Thomas “Ted” Gantt12.

Officer Paul “Sully” Lonergan13.

Detective John “Nurse” Sullenberger14.

Officer Jack Hickey15.

Detective Joseph “Joe” Miller16.

Detective Tom “Mick” O’Brien17.

Detective Carl “Dennis” Molloy18.

Officer Bill “Bobbie” Johnson19.

Detective Richard “Dick” Miller20.

Detective Joe “Bobby” Miller21.

Officer Don “Docs” Hutton22.

Officer Hank “Sgt. Hank” Miller23.

Officer James “Hank” Miller24.

Detective Frank “Doc.”


Detective Mike “Hawk” Miller26.

Detective Charles “Doc Jr.”


Officer Frank “Freddy” Miller28.

Detective Jim “Doco” Miller29.

Detective Mark “Docson” Miller30.

Detective Eddie “Doc,” Miller31.

Detective Bob “Doc”‘s dad32.

Detective Rick “Doczilla” Miller33.

Detective Tony “Doc-O” Miller34.

Detective Larry “Docsworth” Miller35.

Detective Dave “Docd” Miller36.

Officer Tony “Dude” Miller37.

Detective Jerry “Docger” Miller38.

Detective Kevin “Docster” Miller39.

Detective Hank “Docbunny” Miller40.

Officer Larry “Dino” Miller41.

Officer Kevin “Dome” Miller42.

Detective Eric “Docie” Miller43.

Detective Phil “Docz” Miller44.

Officer Phil “Sandy” Miller45.

Detective Ron “Doc the King” Miller46.

Officer Ron “Sally” Miller47.

Officer Tom “Doc Buddy” Miller48.

Officer Ted “Docman” Miller49.

Detective Tommy “Doctron” Miller50.

Detective Jimmy “Doc King”Miller51.

Detective Jack “Doca” Miller52.

Detective Steve “Docboy” Miller53.

Detective Sam “Docrunk” Miller54.

Officer Sam “Sarge” Miller55.

Officer Doc “Docbot” Miller56.

Officer Pete “Doc Boy” Miller57.

Detective Danny “Doc T” Miller58.

Officer Danny “Diddy” Miller59.

Detective Dick “Doc Daddy” Miller60.

Sergeant Bill “Doc Joe” Miller61.

Sergeant Sam “Dee” Miller62.

Sergeant Dick “Dinky” Miller63.

Sergeant Joe “Docg” Miller64.

Sergeant Hank “Dike” Miller65.

Sergeant Rick “Doe” Miller66.

Sergeant Jerry “Dice” Miller67.

Sergeant Tommy “Dilly” Miller68.

Sergeant Tom “Dirty” Miller69.

Sergeant Frank “Dump” Miller70.

Sergeant Bob “Duke” Miller71.

Sergeant Doc “Dolly” Miller72.

Sergeant Mike “Doody” Miller73.

Sergeant Ed “Doc Dood” Miller74.

Sergeant Ted “Dummy” Miller75.

Sergeant Larry “The Doc” Miller76.

Sergeant Sid “Doc Lolly” Milligan77.

Sergeant Eddie “Doo” Millikan78.

Sergeant Kevin “Lolly” Millsigan79.

Sergeant Buck “Doodle” Milliman80.

Sergeant John “Dodge” Milligram81.

Sergeant Fred “Dope” Millicab”82.

Sergeant Jimmy “Dumble” Millican83.

Sergeant Ron “Dumdum” Millici84.

Sergeant Danny “The Dum” Miller85.

Sergeant Randy “Dumpy” Millin 86.

Sergeant Jim “Dug” Milliner87.

Sergeant Johnny “Duff” Milli87.

Agent Chuck “The Buck” Millis88.

Agent Don “Doggie” Millias89.

Agent Jim “Don’t Worry” Milliso90.

Agent Hank “The Dog” Millini91.