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Las Vegas, Nev.

— The owners of Klein Wire and Spa said Monday that they are looking to sell the businesses, with Klein Wire saying it is “currently in discussions” to sell to someone who would be able to “renovate the business and expand the salon.”

Klein Wire, which has a fleet of wire-haired dogs, said it is a “highly respected name in the pet industry” and will continue to “continue to serve our clients.”

The Associated Press previously reported that Klein Wire was seeking to sell Klein Wire Strip.

Klein said Monday it is looking to “open a new business” in Las Angeles, California.

The company, which also operates the St. Regis and Beverly Hills Salon, said in a statement that it is evaluating “new opportunities in the Los Angeles area.”

The Los Angeles Times reported in July that KleinWire Strip was planning to close, but a new owner bought the business for $100 million in December.

The Times reported that “a handful” of people have purchased KleinWire, but no details have been provided.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported last month that a new Las Vegas Strip would be built on a site the company once operated in the town of North Las Vegas.

The Review-Journolist said the property could be ready for construction in the spring of 2019.

The new site will include a new hotel, a convention center and a casino.