How to keep your cable bill down

The cable industry is trying to fight a major health crisis with new technologies that could eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming treatments.

The companies are working on a suite of devices that could cut down on medical bills by up to 80 percent, according to industry experts.

Those include cutting out expensive radiotherapy treatments for some cancers, lowering the amount of blood transfusions and lowering blood pressure, among other ways.

The devices also offer the ability to track how much money is spent on medical care, said Mike Zell, an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania.

The devices could eliminate patients’ financial worries and save patients money.

But they also could cause more people to miss out on important health care services, like blood transfusion and CT scans.

The industry is developing its own solutions, and it is not the only one to consider.

Other health systems have been exploring the idea, and some are rolling out new devices that have been tested by some of the nation’s largest health systems.

A few major health systems, including the Mayo Clinic, have begun testing out new products that can detect blood clots in the body and cut out unnecessary surgery.

The Mayo Clinic is testing a device that can scan a patient’s blood without a CT scan, a patient-tracking device that uses the patient’s temperature to measure his blood pressure and other health data, and a device called a blood-pressure cuff.

It could be the only device that does all these things.

The device would cost about $1,000.

“There are a lot of people who are in their 30s and 40s who have chronic disease, or who are not healthy,” said Andrew Weiler, a health-care technology analyst at the consultancy firm Avalere Health.

“And they have a lot more medical costs than the average American.”

The technology is so new, it is unknown how effective it would be.

In the United States, there is no standard definition of how often people need blood transferences, so it is hard to measure the impact.

Still, experts say it could reduce the number of people in need of treatment.

“We don’t know what the long-term impact will be,” said John Schoenfeld, chief medical officer for the American Medical Association.

“We can’t say for sure.”

The devices are part of a broader push by the industry to reduce health care costs.

It is working with insurers to develop a cost-savings package that would include more blood transfuses, fewer surgeries and more routine testing.

Some companies are experimenting with devices that measure blood pressure without the use of CT scans or CT scans that are costly.

The idea is that a person can be more effective by reducing the amount they spend on medical treatments, and that is good for the economy, according the American Academy of Actuaries.

The Association has proposed that hospitals and health care providers pay for all treatments except for blood transfuges and blood tests.

The group has said the technology could cut the cost of care by as much as 40 percent, if the companies can prove it is effective.

Some experts say the technology is already being used in other industries to save money.

The medical device maker FreescaleSciences has developed a device to measure a patient and to track it.

The company says it has used it to reduce the cost and improve quality of care in hospitals and doctors offices.

Freescale is also testing a technology called the Heart Rate Monitor, which monitors the heart rate of patients at the hospital, and is testing it in hospitals.

The Heart Rate monitor has a battery that is used to monitor the heart and pulse and is cheaper than a CT scanner.

Freesecsciences said the device will be available in about two years.

It is not clear how effective the technology would be in cutting out hospitalization for people with heart disease, stroke and other serious illnesses.

The industry has been experimenting with various products to see how effective they are at reducing health care bills.

In the United Kingdom, for example, a technology company called the Cardiac Arrest Monitor uses a device like a heart monitor to record the heart’s electrical activity.

The system then analyzes the information and compares it to patient medical records.

The technology can be used to reduce medical bills for people who have had a stroke or a heart attack.

The British government, however, has been working to make sure the technology doesn’t affect the accuracy of a patient record, which can be a huge burden for people, such as elderly people.

The company has also been testing a medical device that allows patients to record their blood pressure for up to 30 days, and they can check it twice a day.

The patient also can make a digital video log to show how much blood is circulating.

The health-conscious could also benefit from the technology.

It would reduce the need to go to the doctor or hospital for tests and would allow patients to monitor their blood levels in real time.

“If you have chronic illnesses, it’s good to know what’s going on with

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