What’s the best way to get political wire?

Wire strippers have become a common fixture in many of the country’s most prominent political newsrooms.

Now, a new startup, Klein Wire Strippers, is trying to change that with a new tool that uses wire to replace a standard doorbell clink.

The service, called Wire, is already available in a handful of cities and states, but Wire’s creators are aiming to expand into more cities and other areas by the end of the year.

The company recently raised a $10 million Series A round from Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, which has previously backed companies like Zendesk and Code for America.

Wire’s main selling point is that it can be used to make wire calls to virtually any device in a home or office — a feature that’s important to many newsrooms, especially in the digital era.

Wire is the product of a year-long research and development process by the team at KleinWire, a California-based wire stripper company that also sells the service Wire for a fee.

KleinWire’s lead product engineer, Matthew Stoner, said Wire is intended to be a way to make political wire calls — especially those involving sensitive topics, such as the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server — less intrusive for journalists.

Wire calls are less intrusive than the traditional wire, which can include a text-to-call option, but they require that the user enter a phone number and a voice to contact the person.

Wire also has the added advantage of not having a central repository of calls — unlike conventional phone calls, which require users to provide a mobile number and text to call the number, Wire’s service can be activated by an individual without requiring a mobile device.

Wire users will be able to call a variety of phones, from their smartphones to smart TVs, and Wire will also be able send text messages to other Wire users.

The technology can also be used for other purposes besides political wire — for example, wire can be turned into a keypad for a robot or a home automation system.

Klein Wire, which launched last fall, uses a variety on-demand tools to make it easier for wire users to communicate.

The platform has the ability to send a wire message, which the Wire team calls “wax,” for example.

The message will then be sent to other users in the Wire group of users.

Klein wire’s main features include the ability for Wire users to call wire, and for users to enter phone numbers and texts to call wires.

The first two of these features are already being used by newsrooms around the country, with the third coming later this year.

A Wire user can also send a message to other members of Wire for free, using a simple text to phone call feature.

This is an important step in the right direction for Wire, said Stoner.

Wire allows users to use Wire in a way that’s more accessible to a wider range of people.

“It’s more than just a call tool,” Stoner said.

“We can do this with a phone call and an email or an email to a friend, which is a really nice way to build relationships.”

Klein Wire Wire’s primary competitor to Wire is called the BlueWire platform.

The BlueWire app for iOS and Android uses a similar method of wire communication, but the company’s iOS app for iPhones is more limited.

Kleinwire also announced today that it is adding support for third-party phone services like Text to Talk.

“This is the next step in our plan to make Wire more accessible,” Stoney said.

Wire will eventually expand to other cities and counties as well, but Stoner declined to share specific details about the company.

Wire has a big vision for its service, and it is a good example of the kinds of technology companies are looking to disrupt, said Matt Borkowski, a technology reporter for the Washington Post.

Wire, he said, has a lot of potential to disrupt politics, and he hopes Wire can provide that opportunity to reporters.

“Wire is an incredible tool that is available for just about anyone,” Borkowsk said.

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