When your team has a backup quarterback, you can call a timeout

The Denver Broncos have a backup QB in Paxton Lynch, but they still don’t have a quarterback on the roster.

Article Updated May 10, 2019 10:07:52The NFL is a league of parity.

That means teams who make the playoffs will get to pick from a field of potential playoff contenders.

The best teams, on paper, have the most talent.

And as long as they don’t lose in the first round, they’ll get a shot at the title.

But as the postseason draws closer, parity starts to change.

Teams like the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers have proven that teams can make the leap from the NFC North to the Super Bowl.

Teams who make it to the second round can’t.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at how teams might stack up in the postseason and see which ones could potentially make it all the way.

Here are the top contenders for the NFL’s second-tier playoff spot.

If the Broncos do end up with a backup, Lynch will be the one quarterback in the mix.

He has the potential to become the best quarterback in football if he is able to put the Broncos in position to win the division.

He’s also the guy who could get the Broncos a playoff spot should they lose to the Carolina Panther.

The Broncos have the top-ranked offense in the NFL with three of the top five scoring offenses in the league, and Lynch is a big part of that.

He’s the top scoring quarterback in a division that is already competitive, with a top-five offense and a top four defense.

Lynch is the only quarterback on this list who could potentially play in a Super Bowl and the only one who would be a top contender for the Lombardi Trophy.

The Panthers have a talented roster, but there is no obvious No. 1 quarterback on that roster.

They have Cam Newton, who is one of the best quarterbacks in the world, and he could easily get the job done if he gets healthy and plays to the standards he’s been showing throughout the preseason.

The Titans have some potential, but Mariota has not played well enough in the preseason to give them much hope.

He needs to play more than just his best game, and a backup could help Mariota improve as a passer.

The Patriots are still figuring out how to use their tight end position.

They currently have Gronk, Aaron Hernandez, Chandler Jones and Dwayne Allen, all of whom have their fair share of talent.

They also have Rob Gronkowski, who has struggled with injury over the years, and is coming off a career-high season in which he caught just three passes for 18 yards.

The Patriots have a chance to make a run if their tight ends don’t get a chance, and the opportunity to see who the team’s best option is could make them a playoff contender.

The Falcons have some offensive talent, but it’s unclear if they can consistently get the most out of it.

The team has struggled offensively over the past few years, but has been able to build up the pieces to compete with the rest of the NFC East.

They could also be in a position to make it back to the playoffs should Matt Ryan have a better year than he’s had in the past.

The Saints have been solid in the passing game, but if they get burned by the Atlanta defense and the New Orleans offensive line, the Saints could find themselves in a playoff position.

It’s unclear how much more the Saints can improve this season, but their offense could take them to the top of the division and the playoffs.

The Steelers have the best defense in the AFC and a solid quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger.

Roethlsberger is one half of a talented offense that has some big-play ability.

The Steelers have an opportunity to make some noise in the division if they continue to improve this year.

If it weren’t for the injury to Roethliserb, Pittsburgh could have a great shot at making a run to the AFC title game if the Steelers can make a playoff run.

If the Steelers are healthy, they could be the best team in the NFC South.

Roethlisburk is a stud in the pocket, and Roethisberger is the best player on this team.

Roothlisberger has the arm talent to take over a game in the playoffs, and his confidence is contagious.

The defense could be good enough to hold Atlanta to just 3.8 points per game, which would be the lowest total in the history of the franchise.

The Panthers have the second-best offense in football, and Cam Newton could be their best player this season.

It will be a challenge for the Panthers to get to the postseason, but Carolina could end up in a spot in the second tier if the offense doesn’t improve.

The Packers are a team that is on a trajectory to make the postseason with Aaron Rodgers and the offense.

Rodgers has been dominant, and if Green Bay can make some plays, the team could make