Tesla, Panasonic, Intel to Partner to Create New Audio-Visual Interface for Apple iPhone 5S

Tesla, Apple, Intel and Qualcomm will collaborate on a new interface for iPhone 5s that would make it easier for people to hear audio and navigate the iPhone 5 display.

The iPhone 5 will have a new “voice-controlled” interface for a future version of the iPhone that Apple says will be much more usable for people with disabilities.

The interface would allow users to talk, read and do other basic tasks without the need to move their hand or use a touchpad.

A prototype of the new interface was unveiled last month at the Apple event.

“I don’t think we’re far away from a future where you can use a microphone to read the text on a screen without moving your hand,” said Steve Blankenbuehler, CEO of Apple’s Consumer Products Division, in an interview with Fortune.

“What we’re doing is making the iPhone interface a lot more usable and more accessible for people.”

Apple’s new interface will be used by Apple’s Apple Watch, the company’s wearable computer.

The company is working with manufacturers like Panasonic, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sharp, HTC, Toshiba, and LG Display to make the interface more intuitive and accessible to people with limited vision.

The new interface is based on a technology that was developed by Qualcomm and Intel in partnership with IBM, IBM’s PowerPC and the University of Michigan.

The chips that power the new iPhone interface are the same chips that make the iPhone 6.

It will be available to iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 owners in the second quarter of 2018, according to a company statement.

Blankenbach, who has been a longtime Apple fan, said the new design would be “a big deal” to Apple fans.

“If you’re a fan of Apple, you’ll be very excited to see it.

It’s the first time that you’ve seen an interface that really works well for people,” he said.

Apple is also working on a software update that would add support for speech recognition to the iPhone, as well as an upgrade to the new Apple Watch app that will let users use voice commands to control the device.

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