When cops and robbers can’t be trusted, cops and thieves are: Police and robbers are now a common thing in the US

AP A new tool that police in California say will help them identify and catch people who steal wire from businesses has been found to work and police say it will save them money and time.

The tool, called the Snoop-the-Wire, is currently in use in the city of San Francisco and has been shown to catch thieves and break up wire jockeys who steal thousands of dollars worth of wire each year.

The San Francisco Police Department, which uses the tool, says it will help it catch thieves who steal up to $50,000 from commercial and residential businesses.

“It’s the first of its kind in the U.S.,” said San Francisco police Sgt. Tony Fusco.

The company behind the tool is called SnoopWire, which is owned by a California company called WireTracker.

The police department in San Francisco said the tool will help catch thieves, break up jochers and catch thieves on the go.

“You’ll never get a better bang for your buck,” Fusio said.

“We’re talking $100,000 for a single wire that is valued at less than $10,000.”

In addition to the new tool, the police department also wants to make sure thieves don’t get away with breaking into a building where it would take up to six months for them to take the wire and then leave.

Fuscom said he believes that thieves who break into buildings and steal wire should be prosecuted, and that they should be caught.

He said the company plans to make the tool available to law enforcement agencies in other cities in the coming weeks.

“If we can get a little help out of our law enforcement partners, we’ll be happy to help them,” he said.

WireTrack is the largest provider of commercial and government-issued wire for residential and commercial businesses in the country.

WireTrax is the company that makes the Snoopy-the, wire-sniffing device.

“The Snoopy the Wire is the most effective deterrent that’s out there for criminals,” said Michael A. Lander, vice president of product development at WireTraxs.

The Snoopy The Wire is similar to a “wire snatcher,” but is designed to be much smaller than a wire snatcher.

The device measures a meter long, weighs about 3 ounces and is capable of detecting wire up to 50 feet away.

The new tool is one of a growing number of devices that police are trying to use to catch criminals.

Lager said WireTrackers devices, which cost about $20, have caught criminals.

“Most of the people that we’re talking to are out there, trying to do the wrong thing, trying for a profit,” he added.

“So if you want to get out of that business, you can’t just steal the money.”

The Snoop The Wire was developed by a San Francisco startup called WireRescue, and the police are using it in partnership with the company to help capture thieves.

“Snoop TheWire is the first and only wire snapper tool that has the capability of detecting large amounts of wire and catching people who have been breaking into commercial and industrial facilities,” Lander said.

Larger commercial and institutional customers can use the Snoope The Wire.

The tools are not currently available to the public.

WireRoc is a company that manufactures and sells wire snappers.

WireRobotic also makes the devices.

WireGuard, another wire snaker, is also available in the market.

The wire snakers are not a new invention.

In 2011, the FBI created the WireScanner, a wire sniffer that works in a similar way to a wire catcher.

But Lander says that WireScanners are not as accurate as the Snoopes.

“WireScanners can detect wire in less than a meter,” he explained.

“But we think it’s more accurate and accurate when it’s over 200 feet.”

WireScaners are currently sold only in California.

The law enforcement department in the state of California, which has the nation’s highest rate of wire thefts, has not yet approved the new product for use in its law enforcement.