How to get wired earphones with Apple wired keyboards

When I got my Apple wired earphone last week I was amazed at how small it was.The wireless charging port is the only part of the device that can be attached to your ear, which makes it super convenient to charge your iPhone or other Bluetooth enabled device while working or traveling.But Apple isn’t the […]

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How to build a 5-watt electric speaker wire frame with LED lights and a garden fence

I love these speakers!I built these in my garage, and I’m in love.They look really cool, and they are light weight and super compact.The only thing that’s really holding them back is the fact that they’re not wireless.But if you’re like me and like to build everything in a house, you might be able to […]

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When you’re in a rush, the Apple Wire gauge is here to keep you on track

Wire-gauge devices have become ubiquitous, especially in cars and homes.While they are certainly convenient, they can be hard to maintain and often overheat.The Apple Wire gauges are a relatively inexpensive way to keep track of the distance you are from your car’s parking brake.They have a small, bright red LED, which you can switch on […]

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When you get your wires stripped

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but there’s a growing trend to get your wire stripped.Wire strippers use thin, flexible plastic strips to strip wire from the ends of connected devices, then insert the stripped ends into new, thinner wires.The devices then need to be plugged in and the new wires need […]

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Bose is set to announce new wireless headphones

RTE 4/9/17 10:18:20 Bose will announce its new wireless earbuds at its upcoming event on January 17 in London.The headphones are based on the Bose Link technology and come with a range of built-in Bluetooth connectivity.They will be available in two colours, black and white, with a $299 price tag.The Bose headphones have an internal […]

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How to use wire wrapped rings to crimp together wires from a barbed wire wire connection

Wire wrapped rings are a useful way to crimpy together wires in a barbs wire connection.They work great for crimping wires from barbed wires like barbed connectors, barbed cables, barbs cable, barbell cables, or barbed tubing.Wire wrapped ring crimping is great for attaching wires to barbs wires and barbs connectors.Wire wraps work great when you […]

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