Why wire wrapping isn’t as effective as wire wrapping

If you have a wire wound, the only thing you can do is wrap it around the wound and hope it’s not a deep cut.If that doesn’t work, there’s also nothing you can actually do but watch and wait for it to heal.That’s because, according to the World Health Organization, wire wrapping can actually cause […]

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How to wire your pigtail

Pigtail wire is a simple but effective way of connecting your pigtails together, even if they’re not all connected together.Here’s how to wire pigtails.Pigtail Wire The simplest pigtail connection is by attaching one end of the wire to the pigtail on your neck, which is attached to your neck by a wire loop.This is where […]

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How electric fence wire can be welded into a fence

Wire fences can be used to protect a fence, or even create a barrier, or a barrier-like structure to make sure people can’t cross the street.If it’s wire, they can just weld it on.If they’re not, they have to make it from the ground up.And, wire fences can create a huge electrical problem.How do we […]

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Why do people use aluminum wire fences?

Posted by Sarah on January 10, 2018 08:08:17Aluminum wire fencing is a common design in the Australian and New Zealand markets.It is used in residential, commercial and agricultural applications.Aluminium wire fencing consists of wire fencing and supports in various configurations.A wire fence has a minimum thickness of 20 microns (0.00013 inches) and a maximum thickness […]

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New Zealand ‘shocked’ by US drone strike on country

NZ’s military says it was shocked by the US drone attack on the country’s capital on Tuesday.The Government says the attack killed four people.New Zealand’s Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee says the strikes, which killed four civilians, were a result of an assessment of the threat posed by al-Qaeda-linked groups.The US Department of Defense says it’s […]

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