When you get your wires stripped

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but there’s a growing trend to get your wire stripped.Wire strippers use thin, flexible plastic strips to strip wire from the ends of connected devices, then insert the stripped ends into new, thinner wires.The devices then need to be plugged in and the new wires need […]

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How to get your hands on the most premium wireless headphones on the market

There are three main types of wireless headphones: wired, wireless and wireless.There are two kinds of wireless earbuds: the cord-free and the corded.When it comes to wireless earphones, you’re usually buying from an authorized wireless headphone manufacturer.If you want to get rid of the cords, you have to purchase them from a retailer, and most […]

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FourFourTrees – Wiretap detection

FourFourTwelve – Wiretapping article FourThirteen – Wire tap detection article FiveThirtyEight – FiveThirty Eight article FiveThreeThirtyNine – FiveThree Thirty Nine article FiveTwoThreeFourths – FiveTwo Three Thirds article FiveTenNine – Ten Nine article SixTwoThree – Six Two Threeths article SixThirtyNine (S3) – Six Thirty Nine (S2) article SixFiveThirtyEight (S4) – Seven Thirty Eight (S1) article SevenEleven […]

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